We can help you right at the beginning!

So you’re in the business plan stage of setting up your business, no doubt you have been through a dozen websites and youtube videos already which all say different things!

Good News, it doesn’t have to be that hard! We work with new businesses to support them in writing a realistic, professional business plan that includes those important financial projections that you will need to start.

We’re great when you need to deal with the government!

Whether it is to help you register for corporation tax, VAT or self-assessment we can help you complete the required forms, keep you up to date with any changes, prepare your accounts and keep your company’s information up to date with the government’s register.

We can help with your finances

Small business accounts can become quickly complex if you do your own, at the start it may seem easy enough to manage but once the work increases as does the amount you need to record in your accounts.

This is where Accountants of Lavenham come in to save the day!

We use cloud-based accounting so you are still able to see your accounts in real-time and keep control, we can even produce reports and charts which will help you understand how your company is doing.

We are in your corner when/if you are tax investigated

Okay, its unlikely that you will be investigated because there are so many small businesses and so many HMRC inspectors.. but it could and does happen!

We will advise on how to work with the investigators and will also make sure from the start that your accounts are in order and you havent unknowingly broken any tax laws.

The bonus to working with Accountants of Lavenham?

All of our clients get free tax investigation insurance from the day they join us. So you do not even have to worry about the fees for us to do the work!

We’ll be there with you when you grow

Taking that next step can be as scary as actually starting the business!

We all know that good returns only come from good investment so we are able to work with you and your bank in identifying an appropriate business loan or overdraft.

After all, banks are much more likely to lend to small businesses who have an accountant and a healthy audit trail over those who do not.

So in summary…

We know that you are the expert in running your business, leave the financial details to us.

We’ll be there every step of the way and you will have our personal attention.

-Accountants of Lavenham
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